SAROK the Roving Theater
   "SAROK the Roving Theater" is the first roving performance
     company in Japan. 
       It was established by the group of performers, actors, clowns,
     comedians, dancers, etc.,  under the direction of highly popular
     comedy performer "Iori Mikumo".  Since then, the group has
     performed at festivals and events all over Japan.
    Fascinating characters produced by the members of "SAROK"
     provide a sence of affinity and euphoria to the people they
     come in contact with. They get attention and laughter, creating
     a warm atomosphere for that moment, that time, that place.

   About Roving Performance

   Roving is a type of walk around perfomance, being on certain
  character with specific theme. Not neccesary to have a stage
  space for the show, performers flexisiblely move around areas,
  occasionaly walk into the audience.  
      For the first sight, people stop by their eye-catching funny
     existance or by their odd movements. Performers communi-
     cate with audience, create atomosphere, entertain, and make
     smile also people around.  
      Performers go around not only wide events area, but also on
     stage, at shops, seated area, in front of the admittance cue,
     streets, etc., it can be performed at various enviroments.

   "SAROK the Roving Theater" provide the acts of from 2-3
     peformers to more than 10peformers. Avairable to arrange
     unique programs for the theme on costomers needs, also can
     be utilize for the promotional events.

   Iori Mikumo

   Background of a professional actor, he graduated Ringling
   Bros. and Barnum&Bailey Clown College Japan in 1989,
   and started the career as a variety comedy performer. 
   Performing at festivals, streets, stages, media, events, he
   always got great reviews and sevaral awards at festivals. 
   One of the most versatile performer in Japan, Iori Mikumo
   works also training young performers, directing stage shows,
   producing many kinds of events.

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